Such a great two weeks of Imperfect being up on the walls at Black Asterisk.  I’ve enjoyed watching all the responses and which ‘arrangements’ people gravitate towards … it’s a very individual thing.

I spent the last two afternoons sitting amongst the works enjoying their last hurrah on the walls all together.

The feedback has been very positive  … here is one email received from Galina (below) …


The name of the photographic exhibition ,”Imperfect” by Emma Bass at 10 Ponsonby Road surprised and intrigued me. Coming into the gallery, I tried to understand just what she wanted to say with her art.

 Every photo of flowers on a white background and in a strict white frame looked like a pure spring of joy and happiness. They are not only of the highest standard professionally, but each of them brings to light feelings of the feast of life surrounding our humdrum existance. They awoke my emotions and made me pay attention to any plant or flower, even the weeds.

 Emma says, “Look at them. They are still wonderful.”   I will attempt to express my feelings about some of her photographs.

 The picture of “Peonies” has two shades of pink, the colour of youth, freshness, and tenderness. I would like to contemplate it endlessly.

 “Dandelion” called out my delight with their aerial lightness and transparent tiny umbrellas which returned me to my childhood when I wanted to fly with them to unknown countries. At the same time, I was embarassed and wanted to whisoper to them,”Sorry that earlier I almost didn’t notice you.”

 The branch of kowhai in the elegant white vase lookes so graceful in its luxurious gold dress. These flowers rivetted me not only with their saturated yellow colour, but also with their capricious shapes.

 I stood in front of the Datura and, in my imagination, saw a beautiful dress, green on top with a red and white bottom. Classic art denies that these colours go together, but nature shows that it is perfect.

 “Pohutukawa” is the eternal Tsarina of celebration and triumph of life and would decorate any large house of hall.

 “Lawn weeds” brought me to my youth when, after a long hard winter, they were the first plants to appear, and made me glad. They were the first to indicate the  coming of Spring, and messengers of warmth and love.

 “Hibiscus” suddenly brought to my mind a gypsy woman in a bright colourful splendid skirt in the whirlwind of her dance. A big room containing this picture would be forever cheerful.

 “Camelia”  immediately reminded me of the novel “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery where he says You can plant hundreds of roses and be unhappy, but to have one and just look at it can make you the happiest person.

 A big Thank-you to Emma for the feast of emotions, thoughts, and soul feelings that you brought out. You pushed us to see the world through the eyes of a very talented artist who can see things that we don’t notice.  Your view of the world is perfect, and nothing imperfect in it even if the flowers are losing their petals.

 Best wishes