A fabulous party at the headquarters of PQ Blackwell … an old church … the most suitable building to launch my book Imperfect.

Very special to be surrounded by all the colourful people in my life … family, friends, colleagues,

delicious nibbles from Dawsons,

and the champagne flowed and flowed …

IMG 4526

I arranged an installation of my most special vases in the altar section of the old church

IMG 4416

IMG 4695
IMG 4702

A crowd of fine colourful people celebrated with me

IMG 4605

Speeches from Geoff Blackwell


Warwick Brown articulated his perspective of my work



Peta Mathias and Geoff Blackwell


Warwick Brown and the girls from Red Gallery (Nelson), Sarah & Caroline


Fantastic food/vino from Graham Dawson and Alex Ross (which I didn’t get to sample as I was talking too much!)